Brilliant Computer Education

Computer courses in mohali by highly qualified faculty in Brilliant Educational & Training Institute. A computer course is a beneficial venture in a student’s future with today’s technology. Computer literacy holds the key to vivid career scenario. Brilliant Educational & Training Institute of computer courses in Mohali welcomes all the aspirants who are enthusiastic to learn computer course. The organization is offering ample range of computer courses in Mohali as per the requirements. Computer courses in Mohali will give you the knowledge of MS office, Computer software skills, Computer hardware skills, networking, Programming in C & C++, Web designing, SEO training and many more. We provide short term computer courses in Mohali i.e of only 3-5 months, but these courses provide a strong policy for your bright career ahead. Our well-versed infrastructure and knowledgeable faculty is the center strength of our training Institute in Mohali. We do give live and practical scenario to complete training program. Our training courses are of small durations but will provide you profit in a long run. Our computer courses in Mohali is useful for beginners, executives, housewives and even kids who want to study basic computers, however those who desire to become computer operator can also join this course, this is a short term job oriented practical course, each and every student is provided individual computer and limitless practice hours to each student after the computer classes in Mohali.

Information of Computer has become essential in every field these days. Students from Himachal, Jammu, Punjab and Haryana wish to come in Mohali as they can essentially find best computer training institutes in Mohali. Basics of computer starts from knowing the basics of software, hardware documentation work, working on internet and many more but one should be master in such concepts to work on real time surroundings. Keeping this requirement in mind we have planned courses as per the need of students and industry.

Short Term Computer Courses in Mohali

Computer is essential in every job section irrespective to your skill in your sphere. Typing speed, internet surfing & documentation work shines like a star in your resume which plays an essential role in cracking mock JOB interview and our all computer courses in Mohali are designed by keeping these points into very serious thought which is why students desire us to join from a long list of computer training institutes in Mohali.


This is one feature of computer with which user interrelate with computer and give commands to computer so that computer could create preferred output.
In computer, operating system is the main and most compound program that takes existence of time to expertise into it. However our planned course ware is enough to get job.

Main Contents covered:

  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Types of Software in Computer
  • How software make user interact with Computer
  • Awareness of Programming Languages
  • Knowledge of Operating system
  • How Operating System is Installed
  • Installation of Application Software
  • Managing Disk/data & users


Information of hardware gives a deeper border of computer mechanism and peripheral devices. It is not about becoming computer hardware engineer but in this course ware study of hardware is essential to appreciate the appropriate functionality of computer and linked devices.

Main Contents covered:

  • Computer & Laptop Assembling
  • Configuring newly installed hardware
  • Introduction to MotherBoard
  • Printer settings & Troubleshooting
  • Working With Hard Drive
  • Interacting with DVD ROM
  • Connecting BroadBand
  • Wi-fi Camera Setup


This is about how computer acquire join with each other and how data is transferred from one computer to another computer. It is very much essential to keep data secure and protected so all basic safety events are made clear.

Main Contents covered:

  • Cabling
  • Internet Connection Setup
  • LAN, WAN, MAN & Topologies
  • IP Addressing(IPV4,IPV6)
  • Desktop,Printer, Internet sharing
  • Switch, HUB, Router
  • Routing Protocols
  • Applying Security

Programming with C & C++:

This is a program which leads to make apparent that how software is designed on which user performs task. In this chapter candidates are posed to do programming on essential functionality such as mathematics operations and reasonable operations just to develop programming skills in a personality.

Main Contents covered:

  • Fundamentals of Programming,
  • Looping & conditional statement
  • Searching & sorting of data
  • Arrays & Functions
  • OOPS concepts
  • Graphics
  • Data Structure
  • Trees and many more.